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talked about and possibly there was a suggestion that this automatically be on each agenda but right now we're just putting this receive notification in a reasonable time.o 8yál 4.13 is recognition of commendations. right now we're requesting that the time be 2 pm rather than 3:30. this is to ensure that business isn't halted and it's a better time. the clerk of the board suggested this is just a4.w=dx talking ti, that it could be 2:30. group recognitions would be put at a special time and a special order, as chosen by the clerk of the board or the president of the board. so you'd have 2 pm, you would handle individual recognitions, and groups, whatever time you wanted it -- special times for appeals, 4.1(a) or public hearings would be changing from 4:00 to 3 pm. roll call for introductions in the order of voting right now is
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done on odd-even basis. the suggestion is that it rotate alphabetically every week so supervisor campos would be this tuesday, and then he would introduce his items and would be first in voting order and the next week, whatever supervisor would be after supervisor campos would be next in line. 5.31 is a duplication. this section was added to clarify the meaning of a duplication of a file. and the difference between dividing the question, and it was put in there to review and may be a talking point. those are all the significant changes. i have to apologize that the document, that i'm holding up, was not able to be visibly displayed to the public because of the font size. it will be available in the packet and on our website after the meeting so the public will be able to see it. the committee members have it
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had access to it. so i am privileged to finish and answer any questions, if not angela will have some amendments to make. >> chair kim: thank you. are there any questions? supervisor elsbernd. >> supervisor elsbernd: thanks. and this might be a -- question, kay. this was one i just caught as i was coming in here was a rule that i didn't quite get, very minuscule. the rule 2.22.2, this is getting into charter amendments. in 2.22.1, we talked about how charter:'ñ?ñ? amendments must be signed by a city attorney, and includecgñ?ñ? a -- digest. 2.22.2 says any proposed charter amendment which has prepared or approved as to form by the city attorney. when has that ever happened, and when could that ever happen? when could a supervisor ever introduce adyñ?ñ charter amendmt that has not already been approved as to form? and so the question is what's the point of this rule?
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>> i'm going to go -- can i answer that question. i'm just going back to the old days. there was things that were called skeletal charter amendments. >> supervisor elsbernd: which we prohibit now under these rules. >> so i gets6÷ñ? you could intre a charter amendment and have it go into committee)ñ?ñ but nevee out unsigned. but maybe you're right, supervisor&ññ?ñ? elsbernd. i can't think of one. this is one we did not change. >> supervisor elsbernd: right. and that's why i just caught it before i walked in, i was reading through everything. >> yeah, i'm not sure. for an ordinance -- >> supervisor elsbernd: take a look at it. okay. thank you. >> chair kim: thank you. thankñ?ñ>> to continue in your t are awoñ?ñ? listing of about fir six additional0uñ?ñ amendments. under rule 2.21, we're asking to
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insert some language that already existed that i think we just accidently deleted, which is the clerk ofa
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this is particularly when there is a mayoralw7?y3:çuç veto. in years past, a%ññ?ñ? veto was communicated on a tuesday by the clerk, and then the clerkiiñ?ñ?ñ immediately put it on the following tuesday's board agenda. what we're going to do is that if a member of the board requests that there be a veto override, that they will let the clerk know in writingf7)[ in tio actually consider that veto. after -- let's see here. on rule 6.1, i just have two left -- we're going to delete the word saturday just to ensure that we have covered all of our days and we don't wantz?ñ?ñ? tot this rule to saturdays. rule 6.9 has to do with9xñ?ñ the website design. from 20 years ago, that this board1oñ?ñ? ruled might be a lie bit outdated. i have committed to the board to maintain the board's website in the rpñ?ñ?arious different waysh
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each of you request me to do so. a board rule is notbpñ?ñ? neces. to make a motioneñ?ñ? to accepte changes that we've @zñ?ñ?discusd today, i'm certainly happy to answer any questions. weugñ?ñ? would appreciate the dt then sitting in your committee for several weeks, for a motion to continue would also'wñ?ñ? ben order for the 15th of novemb??ñ?ñr. >> chair kim: thank you, madam clerk. and certainly&6ñ?ñ? appreciate e work that is involved in cleaning up the language around our board rules. and i think this is certainly helpful and also more clear, and also puts into writing some of the things we've been doing practice, including as you mentioned revenue measures which have already been referredgl9ovo our budget and finance committee instead of our rules committee. around website design and maintenance acknowledging that is something the clerk's office
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will continue to do. before we take a motion to accept these amendments, i'm going to open this item up for public comment. so if you'd/qñ?ñ?ñ like to speao minutes. >> david pilpel. i haveneñ?ñ? spoken to angela, , and rick, about the proposed rules. i had a couple of thoughts,buñ?? actually, the website design is not 6.9, it'síúñ?ñ? 6.8 in the íar my two biggest concerns at this appeals. one. sorry. this will take me a moment to finde÷ñ?ñ?ñ. 419? sorry. thankjzñ?ñ? you. 4.19, public hearingnlñ?ñ? on a,
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i would really like the order2af the appeal presenters to be changed so that on the bulleted list on pageñ?ñ? 31 of the drat that's before you, it wouldçñ?ñe the appellant first,quñ?ñ? thene agency representative, then the leader of the opposition or essentially the real party, and following that person supporting the appellant, persons opposing the appellant, and then theoñ?ñ? appellant with rebuttal. there are instances when i've appeared at appeal hearings and not been clear÷ñ?ñ? on whether m supporting or opposing the appeal and wanted to hear from both sides, and then be able to weigh in. and the current rule doesn't really allow for that. also, that rule doesn't make clear filed should be handledçñ?ñ? separately. it's my view that anyone who brings in $500 and asks for an appeal to be heard should be
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entitled to their own time, and consideration of+uñ?ñ?ñ? their l and the merits, rather than consolidating matters and forcing matters who may have different interestf;ñs8g÷ to se time. iot justice is served in that regard. i'm happy to continue to communicateñ?ñ? with the clerk's office on other changes. i think this is great work by the entire gang, kay, angela, rick,ñcñ?ñ john, cheryl,>pñ?ñ? , alex, everybody, and happy to continue working on this very important project÷xñ?ñ?ñ that vw other people care about, unfortunately. thank you very much. >> chair kim: thank you, mr. pilpel. we always appreciate your feedback. is there any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is nowjñ?ñ? closed. is there any comments before we okay. seeing none, do we have a motion to accept the amendments that were stated?
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>> i totally agree, these amendments of the whole, correct? >> chair kim: yes,es, of the whole. madam clerk, did you want to >> supervisor elsbernd: to'nsvñdr8e november 15. >> thank you. supervisor elsbernd is right, continue to november 15. we would also ask that the motion be amended, that the effective date fornzñ?ñ? these d rules be january 8, 2013, and that would be onapñ?ñ? the cover motion. >> chair kim: thank5jñ?ñ? you. so we do have a motion to accept these amendments as a whole, and also to amend)çhmg2p the board - the amended board rules would 2013. so we do have that motion. opposition. then we have a motion to continue this item to$mñ?ñ? novr 15, rules committee.
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>> so moved. >> chair kim: we can do that again without opposition. thank you so much to the clerk's office. i know several different legislative aides from different offices were involvedgññ?ñ?ñ ine weekly meetings. so i wanted to thank everyone for all their work on this effort. thank you. before we entertain a motion to convene into closed session is there any member of the public who wishes to speak on items 5 through 10? i'm sorry, 5 through 11. so if you'd like to speak on itemscñ?ñ 5 through 11. seeing none, public comment on those items are closed. colleagues, do we have a motion to convene in closed session? >> so moved. >> chair kim: we can do that members of the public we are at
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this time convening into closed attorney. >> city attorney: deputy city attorney john griv ner. in closed session the committee through 11 to the full board with recommendation. >> chair kim: thank you. disclose what occurred in closed session. we had a motion and second. opposition. so we did find out that one of it. i think hew?vv2ñ=k outside. this is for item 2, for the veterans affairs commission. suspend our rules so we cand[!er just -- we can reopen this item. >> i move to suspend the rules. >> chair kim: great. so we do have a motion to
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suspend the rules. in order to reopen item 2 which we have continued. mr. michael maffei, i know that you've rushed to get over here so we will certainly hear8÷=erxu today in stead of two weeks. i am so sorry. apologize for taking your time and to commissioners levin and wong for being here. i thank you very much. >> supervisor elsbernd: no problem. i know you missed the format but we asked focusek039 folks to tat their experience. you had members of the public speak on your behalf so we we would like to hear you speak today and we will not ask you to come back again. thank you again. i appreciate your time. i served -- after law schoololi u.c. haisings i served in the
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united states navy as a jag. i assisted service members who issues, where one would seek an defender in the navy, which means i defended service members who were accused of
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system because of alcohol and substance abuse. it'sñ?ñ? also the homeless probm in our city. and i would like to assist in bringing my wealth of knowledge to advise the mayor, help with programs, solutions, to identify and treat those uniquenqñ?ñ? conditions that are only to service members due to their military service. so i'm very passionate about this. i'm still a reservist. i've been attending the meetings and it's definitely something i think cries out for a solution and i would very much like to be a part of that. >> chair kim: thank you. it's my understanding you have attended many if not all of the veteran affair commission meetings. >> since i've moved here to san francisco two years ago, i've attended[çh"] many. i haven't had a perfect attendance record but yet. >> chair kim: thank you for your commitment and dedication already. seeing no questions from members, we have entertained a
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motion to continue this to the call of the chair. do we have a motion to continue to the call of the chair? >> so moved. without opposition. thank you for making it here. we will hear this item again and make our final determination on? the applicants that we move forward but we were happy to hear you tad. >> thankxmñ?ñ you. you. >> chair kim: madam clerk,rv items? >> linda wong: no, madam chair. meeting is adjourned. thank you. w"o5vñ
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announcer: big dreams and goodrades aren't enough to get into college. there are actual steps you need to take. finding someone who can help is the first and most important. for the next steps, go to good morning, welcome to the public safety committee of the board of supervisors. my name is supervisor john avalos, the chair. i'm joined by christina olague, the vice chair and supervisor eric mar. the clerk is dean na braley. our staff at sfgtv, who are helping broadcast are jesse lar son and nona millconian. madam clerk. >> please make sure to silence all cell phones and
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devices. completed cards to be included as part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the october 16th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you. could you please call our one item. >> a hearing regarding theft scams targeting older asian women. >> thank you. this is an item that has been sponsored by supervisor eric mar. supervisor mar, the floor is yours. >> thank you, chair avalos. thank you for coming, everyone, this morning. the past few months we have been hearing, especially in the chinese media of these types of theft scams targeting chinese elderly. they have made me very angry. not just because it is criminals praying on some of our most vulnerable but also it's been heavily impacting not only
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chinatown but richmond and sunset district. i really am appreciative of the law enforcement and community-based agencies that are here with us today. how they have really worked together to try to crack down to make sure people are aware of these scams and we can as a city kind of move forward to prevent them for the future. so this hearing is on a number of these types of scams that have happened over the past few months. they tend to target older chinese women in san francisco. since january of this year there have been a series reported. again, it is older asian or chinese women. it involves the theft of jewelry and money obtained under false pretense. nearly 50 of these cases have been reported in san francisco. it's totaled over $1.5 million of losses in cash and jewelry. many of these cases also again have taken place not only in chinatown but also
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sunset and richmond district. similar cases also have been reported in new york, chicago, boston and seattle. i wanted to invite up a number of the reps from our law enforcement and community agencies from the police department, san francisco district attorney's office rebecca prozan and david chan. first lieutenant art stelini. he's the chief investigator. thank you, lieutenant stelini. >> thank you, good morning, supervisors. as the lieutenant in the special victim's unit oversees the crimes district the responsibility of these crimes have fallen under our umbrella. as you can see in the handouts before you, to date of 2012 we have approximately 50 of these such cases reported to us. they are broken down into series. we have the first series, a major series at the
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beginning of the year, which totaled approximately 35 police reports. in that case we originally detained six people at san francisco inter national airport. from those six, three were charged criminally here in san francisco, are in custody, awaiting their court hearings. there is another court hearing set for tomorrow on arguments on that case. the second series was approximately another 12 police reports, 12 victims here in san francisco. we have no arrests in that series, though we do -- we have identified our suspects by photo but not by name. our third series are two victims. on that one we captured the crime actually of one of the victims on video. we have that video to show you, if you'd like to see it.
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it is approximately four minutes long. >> actually, yes. that would be good. we also have captain garrett tom of the central police station that is with us, besides the assistant district attorney rebecca prozen and david chen. *. i think it would be good to watch the video. >> i have it pre-loaded but i don't know how to get it on your big screens. >> deana, do you know how to get this going? >> i think you start the video, i will put the mic on. >> sorry, there was no audio. it was captured from a residence security camera turned over to the police. >> okay. we will view the video. you can talk over it too, if you can explain. >> while you are watching the video what you need to pay attention to is at some point the female hands over a bag to another female. then another suspect joins hands with our victim, almost like they are praying. at that point the bag
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switch is made, unknown to our victim. that is when the money switch is made. the bags, as you will see, will be identical. >> i think we need to hit play. >> that is your victim handing over the bag. the lady in the rear just made the bag switch with the main suspect. >> there's the praying. >> she had already touched her hands. two will leave. another one will leave with our victim. two of the suspects will stay and wait for a fourth suspect to arrive, who takes the money and walks away. a much younger asian lady.
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>> how was this caught on video? >> this is security camera from a residence. when security went out to scope the area, one of the things they looked for were the cameras. the lady off to the far right has the money. she's already made the switch. as usually in these type of cases the victim is told not to open the bag, not to touch it for several days. sometimes two weeks, three weeks, a month. for the most part, that is what they do. there are cases where they start having doubt and tell
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somebody what happened to them. then they realized they may have been duped. they look inside and discover they have been a victim of a crime. there have several different ruses they will use. these are strangers. these women are trained at what they do. they hone their skills. they are very good. in real life when they commit their crimes -- here is the hand-off right now of the fourth or fifth suspect who comes in, puts the bag in another bag and walks away. >> okay. >> they separate. they are not together. the one suspect who actually has the cash, our victim is never seen. she is walking down the street, our suspects get detained. the money is not there.
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when i worked narcotics. one would have the narcotics. another would hand off the money. if the person with the narcotics got arrested the person with the money ran free. again, they are trained at what they do, practice their skills. i strongly believe they target their victims. they watch their victims, watch to see if they are alone. if they have a purse or coming out of a store. real life they are not taking the money in the purse. they have the victims go to their homes and take the cash. they will tell them such stories as years ago your father stepped in blood, now he has evil spirits. if we don't pray together, if you don't bring your money or jewelry, something bad will happen to you or your children. this is one of the stories
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they spin. again, it sounds as far-fetched. again, san francisco, we have had over 50. these are the ones that are reported to us. >> lieutenant stelini, can i ask how do the scam artists advertise they will provide this service to people. how do they get their victims to know that they are going to -- >> it is is a series. all these women approach their victim as strangers. one does not know the other as they spin their story. they will approach the victim and say in one instance, i need to go to the doctor. do you know where there is a doctor's office. the victim will say, gee, i don't know. another will say, yes, there is a doctor's office down the block. they start with something that simple. before you know it you have four women, five women engaged in a conversation. they get her -- bring her
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down. get her to a comfort zone but emotionally overwhelming her. one is building on the other's statements. when they tell her the evil spirits are coming, something bad will happen to the family, the other two or three will reinforce that statement. again, they are working on our elderly community. that is who they are targeting. >> can i ask, of the 50 reported cases -- i'm sure it is embarrassing if you have been ripped off like this, but do we have a sense of how many have not reported this? >> no. i would venture for the 50 we have, there may be another 50 to 100 out there that are not reported. it is very tough for an elderly person to admit something is wrong. not only in these types of cases with the elderly but

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